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Senior Designer

Vestby, Norway

Job Type

Full Time - Onsite

About the Role

The Senior Gameplay Designer works with the Game Director to set the vision for gameplay design in the game, and is responsible for executing that vision by  directly building gameplay mechanics that demonstrate the vision, and work with others to achieve an understanding of the vision that is consistent throughout all gameplay mechanics built for the game.


  • Understand the high level vision of the game and be able to translate the vision into game design standards that can be used by everyone to build the gameplay mechanics in the game 

  • Write design documents for game prototypes, features and mechanics 

  • Develop gameplay prototypes based on design documents 

  • Review designs from other designers and provide feedback 

  • Review gameplay prototypes from other designers and suggest improvements 

  • Write specifications for design tools that support and enchance designer workflows 

  • Assist with communication between art, design and programming 

  • Fix bugs and help with optimization efforts 

  • Mentor other developers 

  • Create and hold presentations for the team or external collaborators as needed


  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience 

  • Very good experience working with modern game engines and tools like Unreal 4 and Unity 

  • Very good Experience with visual scripting languages like Blueprint or similar 

  • Very good understanding of design processes for both systems and content (items, NPCs, levels etc) 

  • Good Experience with rapid prototyping 

  • Experience with content budgets and game balancing 

  • Experience with developing game features, smaller games etc  

  • Relevant bachelor degree or equivalent experience 

  • Very good organizational skills 

  • Good communicator 

  • Create and hold presentations for the team or external collaborators as needed 

  • Passionate gamer

About the Company

At Arctic Hazard we value a healthy work-life balance so while extra effort may sometimes be required for important milestones the standard work week is 5 days and 8 hours per day. We want our workplace environment to be fun yet serious, welcoming yet challenging. Having worked at companies with a high turnover we want our employees to enjoy working at Arctic Hazard and for Arctic Hazard to be a safe place to work. We offer competitive salaries and have a zero-tolerance for discrimination in the workplace, and we actively encourage female candidates to apply.


Mølleveien 4

1540 Vestby



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