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Production Assistant

Vestby, Norway

Job Type

Full Time - Onsite

About the Role

The Production Assistant assists the Development Team to ensure that all production related tasks are completed efficiently and in a timely-manner and faciliates playtests and team events. 


  • Support QA with testing and validating production builds

  • Organize team events, milestone reviews etc

  • Assist the Project Manager with maintaining progress reports, production budgets etc as required

  • Produce project documentation, tutorials etc as required

  • Support Leads and Directors as required

  • Assist in any other assignments as directed by the Development Team


  • Experience working with modern game engines and tools like Unreal 4 and Unity

  • Experience with visual scripting languages like Blueprint or similar

  • Understanding of design processes

  • Experience with developing game features, smaller games etc 

  • Relevant bachelor degree or equivalent experience

  • Good communicator

  • Enjoys playing strategy and/or survival games

About the Company

At Arctic Hazard we value a healthy work-life balance so while extra effort may sometimes be required for important milestones the standard work week is 5 days and 8 hours per day. We want our workplace environment to be fun yet serious, welcoming yet challenging. Having worked at companies with a high turnover we want our employees to enjoy working at Arctic Hazard and for Arctic Hazard to be a safe place to work. We offer competitive salaries and have a zero-tolerance for discrimination in the workplace, and we actively encourage female candidates to apply.


Mølleveien 4

1540 Vestby



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